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Stories that have been done during my work as a staff photojournalist

Mourning over Coptic Egyptians killed in Libya by Daash

Village residents inside & outside the Virgin Mary Church in al-Our Village Near Minya city,Egypt, on Feb. 16, 2015, mourn Egyptian Coptic Christians who were captured in Libya and killed by Daash militants,The 21 men have been declared martyrs by the Coptic Church.

Copts of the Nile " A Hard Time "

Copts of the Nile " A Hard Time" They are from the same land ,Coptic Christians represents one of the biggest religious minorities in the middle east In Egypt they are 15% of the population , nevertheless being a minority, they are the biggest minority in the middle east. Coptic Christians have been used and abused in so many ways, mostly political, a lot of attacks took place targeting coptics and their properties specially after uprising on the 25th of Jan 201. They are playing a big role in any change happening in the country.

EGYPT " The Change & The Conflict"

Egypt has passed enormous events and changes since 25th of jan 2011 till this moment, a lot of political conflict and changes happened,as a staff Photojournalist I have been following all what was happening on the ground.

The Spirit of the Square

During 18 days from the 25th of Jan till the 11th of Feb 2011 where people stayed in Tahrir square chanting to downfall the regime, There was a spirit, there was different scenes every step and every moment you take in the square, the vibes and the en…

Virgin Mary & Durunka

In The Monastery of St. Mary which is said to date from the first century. Receiving as many as one million visitors per year, In the month of August, which is believed to be the month in which the Holy Family arrived in Assiut, is the busiest for visi…

Copts Fleeing North Sinai

Dozens of Coptic Christian families in Egypt have fled North Sinai province after a number of killings in recent weeks by suspected Islamist militants. On Sunday, Islamic State militants released a video, warning of more attacks on Egypt's Christian mi…

Pope Francis visit to Egypt

Pope Francis came to Egypt on Friday for a historic visit to the Arab and Muslim majority nation aimed at presenting a united Christian-Muslim front to repudiate violence committed in God's name. I was honored as a photographer to be among the official…