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Roger got his BA in Fine Arts “ Mural Painting Dept” in 2008. He is working as a photojournalist in the daily newspaper Shorouk since 2010 - 2016 , covering the social unrest which happened in the country, his pictures can easily draw the timeline of the revolution from the start till now. Roger is one of the contributors with the Associated Press Agency, The Head of Everyday Egypt Project.
He got his Diploma in Photojournalism from the Danish school of Media & Journalism in June 2015, 

His work has been published in international newspapers and magazines such as TIME, New York Times, Newsweek.
Roger has been working as an Art Director & Photographer with UNICEF Egypt in a street kids project to produce books and exhibitions about street kids in Egypt. he has big brainstorming skills and lot of fantasy, This brings him to create a body of work, mainly about street kids, women situation and Arabic Spring, with intimacy and imagination, capturing the struggles and aspirations of Egypt. currently working on publishing 2 books about street kids with UNICEF Egypt.

Roger has been unveiled as the winner of the first Thomson Reuters Foundation - Nokia Photo Award. also was one of the few Arab photographers who were selected by WPP World Press Photo to participate in Reporting Change Project about the Arab Spring where he produced a story about the Tourism Crisis after the Revolution. He also won several local prizes in Egypt and participated in so many exhibitions locally and internationally with different bodies of work.

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" Roger is one of those photographer that has great personal power. He is charming and smart.He has a passion for social issues, concerning mostly his native country and this is what makes him a good photographer. He is sensitive and He is a dreamer. Limits don’t break him down, rather he always find a way to get his ideas to born. he has big brainstorming skills and lot of fantasy, that’s because he came from art- paintings studies that open his mind to a big world around him. He also have the great capability to use different communication media, from his camera to his phone. I would like to say that he is runner, in a so deep way that he can show that photos can always trigger to social change. "
Barbara Leolini
Italian Documentary Photographer

Clients & Published in

TIME  - Le figaro - UNICEF Egypt - Siemens Germany - Goethe Institute  - Newsweek - AP - AFP - Corbis - Australian Embassy Cairo - Degrone Amsterdamer  - Aftenposten - Swedish Institute " Sweden- Cairo "- Right Livelihood Award " Alternative Nobel " - Le Jeune Afrique - NewYork Times - The Guardian - Washington Post - Le Monde - Berne Declaration- ONE magazine -

Awards & Prizes
• Egypt Press Photo Award 2017
• Reporting Rights Livelihood Grantee 2017
• Shortlisted for the Contemporary African Photography Award 2016
• Honorable Mention “ UNICEF photo of the year “ 2015
• The first Thomson Reuters Microsoft photo award winner 2014
• UN-Woman special mention “ photography Competition “ 2014
• Best picture of the year in Egypt 2013 Competition by the Syndicate of Journalism - 2nd place 2013 “ Photo Story “
• World Press Photo ” Reporting Change “Project , Grants Winner 2013.
• Foundry Workshop Scholarship ” Thailand 2012 “.
• 2nd Prize Media Developing Center Contest USAID Program 2011
• 2nd Prize Best picture of the year in Egypt 2011 Competition by the Syndicate of Journalism - 2011. • European Union Photography Competition “ Special Mention of the Jury “ 2010 Egypt Celebration.
* Chrétiens d’Orient in the Institut du Monde Arabe 2017- 2018
* Head On Festival " Sydney - Australia May 2017"
* Delhi Photo Festival 2016
* Chennai Photo Biennale 2016
* Russian Media Forum 2016 • Photojournalists Syndicate Exhibitions &Contest “EGYPT 2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015”
 • “Al- Tahrir “ Exhibition –American University Cairo -2011
 • People The Red Line Exhibition – Gezira Art Center -2011
 • Media Development Center Exhibition & Contest -2011
• Egyptian Faces & Colors “ A Portrait Exhibition “ Cairo Opera House -2012
• Women of Egypt “ UN Woman photo Exhibition & Contest “ 2012
• “Cairo- New Testimonies of an ongoing Revolution “ Exhibition Touring Germany 2012-2013
• Phot’Aix” Festival & Exhibition “France – Marseille 2013 “