Roger Anis

© Roger Anis


“I like to go to the zoo

Come on you can all come too

Watch the Lions roaring, Watch the monkeys soaring, Watch the hippo snoring, Only at the wonderful zoo” Children in Egypt and all over the world are inspired and moved by such songs to dream about going to the zoo. Songs that shaped and affected how kids imagined what animals look like, especially those who never got to visit the zoo as children, who had to wait for this dream to be fulfilled later; and while many people would describe it as the song says: a “wonderful zoo”, others would not. Yet today we want you to look at the zookeepers instead. Have you ever wondered how the zoo is prepared to host its visitors? How does the zoo personnel interact with the animals? What does it take to receive that many visitors everyday? Do you ever think about that unique relationship between zookeepers and the animals? How does it feel to undertake such responsibility? We often witness nothing but the surface of this relationship: a zookeeper who plays an intermediary role between visitors and animals, yet many details remain unseen: secrets, tales, and emotions connecting the animals with the personnel in their service: The Caretakers. We hear stories and news about the zoo from the outsiders’ point of view, much of what we hear reveals many shortcomings and concerns. The Giza Zoo, once famed for being the first and biggest Zoo in Africa, is no longer at its best condition for many reasons.