Roger Anis

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Ahmed Kaseb ,Kaseb spent 20 years of his life working with beasts; he is the lions’ caretaker. “ is is the most dangerous job at the zoo; it is only for the brave of heart.” Said Kaseb. He spoke to us about Metwally, the most famous lion at the Giza zoo: “He is the oldest lion here and the closest to my heart. He needs special care at this age; that is why I chop the meat into little pieces to make it easier for him to eat.” “Just like elderly people, animals -and in particular those in captivity- need special care when they get old,” Kaseb added. Kaseb, who cultivated his knowledge about lions through personal experience in handling them, explained: “ e natural life span of a line is about a maximum of 15 years in the wild, but Metwally is turning 24 soon, all animals could live longer in captivity due to adequate veterinary care and food supply.”