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Nady Abdel Haleem

21 years is the time uncle Nady spent working at the zoo, during which he was responsible for many animals. “Once I am here in the morning I first check on the giraffes, then I sit with my colleagues to have our morning tea, before each starts his work duties.” Until today, uncle Nady never forgets the “Massacre of the Birds” during the Avian Flu outbreak, when the administration decided to kill the birds in fear of the virus. “I told them I can’t kill an animal with my hands. I mean, I am 55 years old, I know it is allowed by God’s grace for us to consume sheep and cattle. Yet, I cannot slaughter any animals myself; not out of fear, it is out of love.” On the positive side, the mother giraffe is expecting a newborn calf in few weeks although she had lost her mate several months ago.