Roger Anis

© Roger Anis

Ras El Barr Beach

‘Shaabi’ Beaches

The word ‘Shaabi’ in Arabic cannot be translated into one word in English. It is a reference to social class, standards, popularity, behavior, culture, and traditional communities.

While economic strain hits many in the country financially, Egyptians always find a way of spending at least one day of summer on the beach.

Many travel for hours away from their cities and villages in buses, trains, and all kinds of transportation just to get a feel of the sand on their feet and salty water on their bodies.

The project, shot with external light to revive the style of old beach photographers who have always shot with flash, focuses on three public beaches the majority of Egyptians visit like, Ras El Bar, Gamasa, and Baltim on the Mediterranean coast.

In Egypt, the beach is a reference to people’s backgrounds and social classes. Traditions, music blasted, swimwear, and food are different on public beaches than private ones.

This photo essay unveils a layer in Egyptian society through portraiture of families & People on these beaches.