Roger Anis

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Mai Hussien Badr /22 years old , People in Egypt don’t love colors although they are full of energy. I love to mix colors and I will not stop wearing colors just because people hate it. Why should I?

I wear the headscarf but, nevertheless, I hear a lot of comments because I tie my headscarf in a different way over my hair.

It came to my mind that I’m not really convinced with the headscarf, or the “Hijab” as we call. So, I decided to research why its an obligation in Islam, I didn’t find any good reason for wearing it but in the same time I did not feel like taking it off. This is why I said to myself I will stop using the headscarf in the usual way and I started to wear it in a different way and choose shiny, bright colors.

For me, it changed from a religious tradition to a lifestyle. I always choose to wear loose fitting clothes because they are more comfortable and lead to less harassment in the street. However, I continue to hear annoying comments in the streets.

I have some nice dresses but the only chance to wear it when i’m out of cairo mostly when i go to beaches.