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Fatima Ali /25 years old ,

Going out of my house is such an adventure that I go through everyday and I’m ready for it. There is not a single time that I go out in the street without being harassed but it never stopped me from wearing what I like. I believe I’m different and I know that people see me as different and I’m working on letting them respect that I’m different. I got a lot of harassment because of my skin colour; I always hear sexual suggestive because I’m black, which doesn’t really annoy me. Yet,one of the things that really annoys me is when someone spits on me in the street because of my skin colour which already happened a lot of times. The hardest situation I had to go through was when I was walking in the street in Downtownand a child with his mom shouted at me: “Hey you black girl with dirty hair.” I had my Rastas and I responded to his mother saying that it would be good if you teach him how to behave, but then they gathered around me and started beating me. They repeated harassing and annoying me so many times afterwards and it started to annoy me because I was passing by the same street where they also live, but still I refuse to respond to violence with violence. All of this happened only because I had Rasta dreadlocks, which was strange for the society.sometime later After this incident I shaved my head, but people still annoy me in the street because of my skin color.